During the lockdown of 2021, I tried  an artistic technique that I had always wanted to do called acrylic pouring; the end result being far removed from the controlled fine art pieces I produce - they sort of design themselves but with a little help from me. Having created my first coasters during lockdown, they quickly became very popular and sold out. 

Since then, I have widened my range and as well as creating my own designs, I also accept commissions and can colour-match the design to your home colour scheme.

  • These products are handmade and are therefore as original as you and I.

  • They are bespoke and will contain little quirks and imperfections that only add to their uniqueness. 

  • Colours can be matched to your interior decor. 


Black and white coasters vase serving board
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Set 8 placemats, coasters and wine glass tea-light holder centre pieces

"I commissioned Kay to create this large set for when we moved into our new home.

She made these to my specification and I was not disappointed - wow, just gorgeous - they really complement the wood.

Love her unique designs - thank you!"

Gaynor Driscoll, Derbyshire

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Set 4 placemats and coasters colour-matched to original artwork by Tony Green

" I absolutely love my coasters and placemats that Kay has made for me.

They're a perfect match to my Tony Green artwork.


Thanku so much!"

Joanne Dunn, Howley, Warrington

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Lorna Gumbs coasters
Pair of tea-light holders made to match previously made coasters

" I loved my coasters so much I asked Kay to create some matching tea-light holders.


They are gorgeous and so cute!"

Lorna Gumbs, Hulme, Manchester


  • Each coaster set is unique and although the same colours and technique can be used to create placemats to match your coasters or similar sets, those too will be as original as the coasters.

  • All coasters are ceramic with a protective insulating cork base and a heat-resistant resin coating.

  • All placemats are made with the finest quality poplar wood; they have the same cork base as the coasters, and are covered in heat-resistant resin.

  • Vases, tea-light holders, bamboo serving boards and wooden trays can also be made to match your sets.


  • Although vases use the same colours and will match your sets, because of the process involved the designs are limited, but will still complement the rest of your set. They are resin coated for durability.

  • Circular placemats and coasters are a special order, please get in touch for a quote.


  • Waiting times can vary depending on work load; an approximate completion date will be given at time of ordering but please allow at least 3-4 weeks from order date.

  • If you have a deadline date for your bespoke gift, such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding, the sooner you place your order the more likelihood it will be completed for your deadline. However, shorter deadlines can sometimes be met - get in touch.

  • Christmas orders should be booked as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


  • A deposit of at least 20% is required with every order.

  • The balance is due on completion once you are happy with the online preview.

  • Bank transfer (internet banking) and Paypal are accepted. 

  • Should you live locally, cash on collection is also accepted.

  • Payment in installments can be arranged although the artwork will not be released until full payment has been made.

Pricing Homewares 1.JPG
Pricing Homewares 2.JPG
  • If you wish to add a product on to a coaster or placemat set, then there is a reduction in price for that particular product; for example, if you want to add a small bamboo tray to a set of coasters, the price will be £15 and not £18.

  • Should you wish to combine add-on products without the coaster and placemat sets, then you will only pay the add-on price for all the products in the combined set.