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'Rosemary's Baby Finalist In Dec/Jan 2024 Issue  Of International Artist Magazine

Hot off the heels of 'Cocktail' being featured in the global International Artist magazine's Creative Spark Section (see below), I learnt that I had been selected as a Finalist in the Still Life No.138 Art Prize Challenge. This is a competition that International Artist on a bi-monthly basis, with each one having a different theme.

Earlier in the year, I had entered 'Rosemary's Baby' into the still life competition that I saw whilst reading their fantastic publication and thought why not give my painting a shot? You never know...

The sheer shock and delight of actually being recognised by this magazine and for Rosemary's Baby to be placed alongside many world class artists' paintings in the December/January 2024 issue is just astonishing to mem and to say that I am motivated to do even better in the future is an understatement.

I have always strived to do my best when painting and any mistakes or failures (and believe me, there's been many) I have always chalked down to experience and wanted to understand why, and so the learning never stops - ever.

Next time I enter, I want my painting to be at the front of the publication and not a few pages along, which is where the Winning artwork is located.

In the meantime, a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, and to International Artist magazine for awarding me a Finalist place in their illustrious publication.

To view Rosemary's Baby and the rest of the G&T painting series, click here.

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IA Rosemary's Baby.jpeg
IA Finalist Paper Version.jpeg

'Cocktail' Selected For Inclusion in International Artist Magazine Monthly Feature


If you would like see how I created Cocktail, click here watch the video

Well now, you already knew that I was Mrs International, but I am even more internationaler (is there such a word? If not, I just created it) than before.

You see, every month, the global artists' magazine, International Artist, runs a little feature via Instagram called Creative Spark. They select a photo and publish it online and invite artists to paint it in whatever way they choose. I thought I'd give it a whirl when I saw the photo for this one because, as you know, I do love to paint glass and it's reflections, so I cropped and repositioned the original image and to the easel I went, brushes at the ready.

Once I had completed the painting, I took a snap and uploaded it to Instagram with their hashtag #iacreativespark and then, to be honest, forgot about it.

A few months later, totally unaware it had been selected, there I was with my cuppa (sadly, not a cocktail) browsing through my copy of their October/November issue and there staring back at me was MY OIL PAINTING! Couldn't believe it! Shocked is an understament.

I am very proud and humbled that my little sketch was chosen for their feature in (Issue 153 (Oct/Nov 2023) and it is now for sale; you can find more details about purchasing it here.

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