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Having taken a few months out before Christmas due to building work being carried out at home, I had to pack my whole studio away as that space was a part of where some of the work was taking place, - walls being knocked out, doors being blocked up, plastering - oh the joys and at times I did wonder when it would ever end - and the dust - don't talk to me about the daily layers of dust. I gave up cleaning in the end until all the work was done.

And evenetualy, done it was!  At last I could unpack my easel, paints, brushes, mediums, accessories, the lot, although having a smaller space than previously, it really concentrated the mind when it came to sorting stuff out as I did hoard things 'just in case' (like you do).

I am currently cracking on in my new space which I love and working my way through a plethora of commissions. The waiting is currently at April, so if you have any special painting you would like considered for turning into an oil painting from the summer onwards, get in touch now. The same goes for abstract florals, too. 

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Raising Funds For The Ukrainian Refugees - Please Help

PEACEFUL SUNFLOWERS 20” x 30” (textured acrylic on board with integrated frame)

It’s not often I do a fundraiser as I know how tight money is, however; this one is a bit different... imagine having to leave your house today with just a rucksack and the clothes on your back, leaving the normality of life behind (your job, your mates, school, your Saturday morning football, the pub - all of it) and leg it to the nearest border to safety because your very large neighbouring country decided to invade, dropping bombs in it’s wake. Imagine not knowing if your house has been flattened or not, wondering if you can ever return home, their future uncertain.

Money may be tight at the minute but we aren’t doing too bad in comparison to the Ukrainian refugees who currently have nothing.

So, knowing that the national flower of Ukraine is the sunflower, and I often paint them, it seemed the obvious thing to do to raise much needed funds for them. So I have painted this especially to aution off.

Please, please buy a ticket or strip (whatever you can afford) - even if sunflowers aren’t your thing; should you win (Sod and his Laws are good at that kind of thing) then you could donate it to the local hospital to brighten up a ward, or a hospice - whatever you choose or gift it to someone who loves sunflowers. It’s all for a good cause. Tickets are £2.50 each or £10 for strip of five.

Please help and donate - you can either go to the pinned post at the top of my Facebook page (if you are on social media) and follow the instructions OR click the link to pay then drop me a quick message via here or Messenger, email (whichever is convenient) when you’ve paid via the paypal link and I will give you your numbers. 

Winner will be drawn on Sunday, 20th March 2022.

From one human to another - let’s help all we can.


Thank you and best of luck.


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